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A Quick Duh…

1 Aug

Today I got an email with the subject line “Thank You Jeff” which went on to say “we were greatly moved by Jeff’s contribution towards marriage equality.” Being behind the times, I had to do a quick google search which brought me to this Daily New’s articled entitled “Amazon founder Jeff Bezos Donates $2.5 Million to Washington State Marriage-Equality Campaign.”

What?! Didn’t the state legislature pass same-sex marriage back in February? Clearly I’ve been a poor Washington Citizen. Turns out that same-sex marriage opponents got enough votes to get the bill up for a referendum vote this November. Referendum 74: vote yes if you’re pro marriage equality, vote no if…. well according to Preserve Marriage Equality you should vote no to Referendum 74 because

“if this law goes unchallenged, voters would have no say and marriage would be changed for every person in our state from being the union of one man and one woman to being a genderless institution.”

To which I say….


Well duh to the second part. Voters have had a say because their democratically elected legislature passed the marriage-equality bill. And voters will again have a say this fall when they will pass Referendum 74. But at that point, members of Preserve Marriage Equality, you must be willing accept that voters actually– dare I say it?– WANT marriage to become a genderless institution! Hell we want the work environment, education, healthcare, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to ALL become gender-less, race-less, age-less, class-less institutions based on one single concept: we all have human dignity, no matter where we are in life.