Daily Self Reminder #1

26 Oct

Validating someone else’s happiness does not invalidate my own.

Today I hit the ground running as soon as I walked into work. The sky was still dark and I was still exhausted. 3 hours later I was running in between completing a task and find a conference room so I could take a call. I still hadn’t eaten and it was getting to me. So I pinged a teammate who was on the call with me that I had to step out for a few minutes and I went to go toast a bagel in the kitchen. To my confusion the kitchen was crowded with coffee grinders and fancy tea kettles. A group of employees who I didn’t know (my team recently moved to a new floor) were sitting around the kitchen table enjoying their freshly made brews. And so the thoughts started.

“How can they have time?”

“They should be working!”

“I’m envious of them.”

“But if I had a slower paced job would I even enjoy it?”

“Slow living…perhaps I should try it?”

And so they went, this hodgepodge of ideas and thoughts. Some critical of them. Some critical of me. Some a blend of the two. And then I started to think some more: perhaps this is how they enjoy their time and their job and their life. Taking these breaks. I have yet to figure out what I enjoy but regardless. Validating their path to happiness should not invalidate my own– even if it’s different or the opposite.

I was talking to my boyfriend about a similar topic. He thought it felt awkward now that he was in a new relationship and so happy, to talk to his friends or siblings who wanted to be in a relationship and were a little less happy. And I thought that this was both silly but understandable.

So I’d like to practice the act of not begrudging other people’s happiness better by having a little daily reminder.


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