Day 2: A Mellow Monday

24 Dec

It’s a little late here but I think have just enough time to finish today’s entry before midnight!

Confused? Read the intro blog here

Three Sources of Gratitude:

  • I’m grateful to be able to fly home tomorrow to be with my family for Christmas. As per usual the tree isn’t up. Whether it’s laziness masked in “tradition” or tradition born of laziness putting up the Christmas tree has always been my responsibility (or should I say honor?). Of course that means that this year it’s not going up until after 10pm on Christmas Eve. We’re cutting it pretty close for poor Santa there. I’ve got an aunt who traveled from India, my sis and several cousins will all be there– it’s going to be a full house for the holidays this year. And that’s pretty lucky!
  • I’m grateful for simple dinners in the company of kind souls. Today my friend M cooked us a lovely brinner (breakfast 4 dinner) while I checked off my daily exercise commitment. Dinner wasn’t anything fancy which made it perfect, because I find fancy can be a little overrated.
  • I’m grateful for this wonderful song and music video. I just fell upon it rather happenstance and it’s full of spirit and joy, especially the bits where ordinary people have submitted videos of themselves singing the song. In many ways it’s a very vulnerable song, daring and I find brave even. That’s quite beautiful.

Journaling One Positive Experience: Not sure there was any one salient moment today but there were many tiny moments that brought a smile to my face. I got to work and there was a small present on my desk from my new Sr. Manager, followed by one from my Manager– so unexpected and incredibly thoughtful. The weather was that perfect blend of cool crisp and sunny warm where you can dare to forgo the jacket even if only briefly. And I watched Tootsie today, which I thoroughly enjoyed and absolutely recommend. (Incidentally Dustin Hoffman had some intriguing comments on the movie, which is what got it on my watch list)

Exercising: Only Day 2 and I caved…I resorted to a form of exercise that is relegated to senior citizens and Indian aunties in their traditional garb + sneaker combo. I did a 30 minute ExerciseTV routing; I promise there were no leotards involved! My friend M flat out refused to join in, claiming that she’d just ends up in fits of laughter on the floor. So she cooked us dinner instead. It was surprisingly harder then I expected, due to some well placed mountain climbers, and it got my butt moving. So all in all a win, albeit a dorky win!

Meditation: I’m going to continue reading about and practicing as I read. A quote that I enjoyed was “Our response to each moment is a blend of that conditioning, our DNA, our current circumstances, our emotional intelligence , and our state of mind in that instant.”

Random Acts of Kindness: Today’s email went to my partner A. He’s been a part of my life for the past six years and helps ground me. He reminds me of the good in me when I sometimes forget and so kind and caring. We’re lucky to have each other.


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