Day 4: The Circle of Happiness

27 Dec

This is going to have to be a quick one (so tired!). In the future I want to play around with somehow creating a post composed almost entirely of pictures.

Three Sources of Gratitude:

  • The Radio! (especially NPR): My dad’s driving is always a good source of jokes (or anxiety depending on how you look at it). I mentioned something about getting an auto-driven car from him when he brings up an interview he heard on the radio. Apparently the technology is very real and will soon be available for users. And I just thought how wonderful the radio is. It’s so nice just to listen and soak in all this random information and stories that otherwise I would have never heard or known about it. It makes me feel connected, smarter and as if I’ve expanded my bubble, even if only a little bit.
  • Those moments were you choose to make a joke to break the tension: I think everyone has those moments, especially with family. Someone does something or say something that they’ve done so many times before. And you can feel that little tension rise inside of you but instead of taking the bate you pause, and last minute swerve your response from one of annoyance to instead one of humor. You make a funny and everyone laughs. Today was filled with them. Sometimes I don’t pause long enough but today, today was filled with lots of laughter.
  • Stuffed Animals: I think anyone, no matter how old, if you put a stuff animal in their hands will get a little bit of the warm fuzzes in them. Even (especially?) old, tough guys like my Uncle. Today we made an adorable, pug build-a-bear for him because apparently he loves having a stuff dog in his car. Who knew?!

Exercise: Today both of my cousins came for a run with me! When we got back though we were locked out because my mom and Aunt decided to go for a walk themselves. We entertained ourselves by playing baseball with these dried out pomegranates (my parents have a pomegranate tree BUT failed to pick all the fruit before the big freeze two weeks back). Now our backyard is littered with busted pomegranate seeds.

Journaling One Positive Experience: My father took us to one of his favorite pizza places for dinner. He placed the order as I filled up our water glasses (we were a party of eight). My Aunt mentioned she wanted Sprite instead of water so I filled it up and then after all the glasses were at the table, I went to the counter to pay. I told the gentleman that I needed to pay for a sprite and he said don’t worry about it, go ahead. I clarified that we’d already taken the glass, and he said it’s no problem, on the house. It was such a small gesture but also full of such warmth. I felt like he was reminding me “It’s okay- it’s only money.”

Random Act of Kindness: Yesterday’s letter was to my dad. It’s only appropriate that today’s letter would be to my mom. She’s a wonderful woman, who has provided for me and is 100% the reason I have any academic brains at all. I’m not sure my current contemplative mood is in the right state to do justice to her letter but I’ll double up tomorrow and knock it out first thing in the morning. I think overall this 15 minute rule is really helping– definitely helping with getting the blog just out and published. Sometimes something really is better than nothing, even if it’s not perfect.

Meditation: What stuck out from my readings today was the circle of Happiness. (1) First  you must be happy –> (2) Then when you’re happy you can help make others’ happy –> (3) Making others’ happy in turns boosts your happiness. BUT the salient point is that the last step cannot generate the entirety of your happiness, it can simply augment or add to what’s there. You must first work on your own happiness to even jump start the entire cycle.


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