Day 10: A Splendid New Year’s Day

2 Jan

So I started this blog last night and fell asleep typing it…I decided to leaves the tenses as they were just to keep things interesting.

Ooof- I’m not feeling particularly inspired today. Maybe it’s because it’s been a slower day or perhaps because I’ve already blogged once today. But either way I want to get this out there! I want to catch up on my blogs so I can stay on track for my commitments. And I also want to practice my resolution of “finding what’s interesting in everything I do.” So here goes!

Three Sources of Gratitude: 

  • Soap: This might be a weird thing to be grateful for, especially because I’m far from a clean freak. But I’m reminded today of the movie Hysteria which I rank highly for entertainment value but questionable for historical accuracy. There is a scene where the great Maggie Gyllenhaal discusses germ theory and the novel idea that basic hygiene such as washing our hands with soap can prevent significant spread of disease. Pretty crazy to see just how far the human health and longevity has come due to soap and basic hygiene, which once upon a time were theories held by the minority.
  • I’ve been a fan of the PostSecrets blog since high school. I almost instantaneously fell in love with Frank Warren’s idea– sharing secrets anonymously and artistically so we didn’t have to feel so alone. Over time the role of the blog in my life shifted from reducing my personal sense of alienation to igniting my internal empathy. This blog has so simply, elegantly, and powerfully created a community.
  • Lazy Mornings: Friday I fly home and with it I must dawn my coat of responsibility. Everyday I’ve been at home I wake up whenever my body tells me it’s time, proceed to write a little bit, read a little bit and just do as I please. Wonderful Lazy Mornings, I shall miss you. xoxo

Exercise: Today I did something a little different. I found my mom’s Special K cereal box pedometer (free=best!) and out of instinct put it on. Then I promptly forgot about it. Turns out I’m a pretty active person– so far I’ve logged 10,605 steps and 4.94 miles! Quickie research suggests that walking is goof for weight control and endurance but not as beneficial for strengthening and balance. Overall I’m pleased with my level of physical activity but I think I should limit the “walking” exercise to 1-2 times per week max. So I’m maxed out for this week already!

Journaling One Positive Experience: WARNING: This one sound nearly as funny if you weren’t there. Yesterday my parents and I went to this outdoor shopping center because the weather was so nice here (70s!!). My Pops popped a squat outside of the S-bucks to people watch. My Moms and I ended up wandering across the street and went to the grocery store to pick up something for dinner. At that point she called my Pops asking him to bring the car over to our side of the street to pick us up…now this is where things break down. My Dad completely forgot where the car was, which is comical on it’s own because he was only sitting four blocks from it’s location. Then when my Dad asks for direction my mom says “Go left. It’s in a Parking Lot,” which is also comically ambiguous. Well my Dad goes “right” and ends up lost in front of the Apple Store. The whole thing was making me laugh so hard I was letting my ice cream melt. Oh parents, they’re so weird.

Meditation/Reflection: The three areas of gratitude are really helping me learn more about myself. I for example, had thought that my interests in cultures was low relative to say my dad or sister because I don’t enjoy traveling as much. I think, in reality, I love cultures but specifically enjoy learning about them from people of that culture. I’m not a passive learned that can take tours or read books about cultures and gain insight from them. I think I actually need to be submerged and talking to people. The talking to people part is key I believe. I learn via discussion.

Random Acts of Kindness: NYE’s note was to A, who served as mentor to me. So feel NY Day should go to D, a professor and mentor to me in college. He is that professor that I think everyone dreams of having– takes a special interest in young souls and developing people. He’s the guy who got into it for the teaching and for the shaping minds parts. His words still resonate with me and help guide me. I owe this man a lot for his help and encouragement throughout the years.


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