Day 11: The Kill Shot

3 Jan

Three Sources of Gratitude:

  • One on One Parent Time: Sometimes it’s nice having rituals just with one parent. When you have a sibling, I think rivalry is inevitable. And even without a sibling, I believe dedicated attention from a parent is always desirable and fun. Today I got quality time with both my mom and my dad. Perfect way to end a lovely ten day vacation.
  • Small Purchases You Never Get Tired Of: I was thinking today of in what ways I’ve “bought happiness.” One reason, I believe, materialism is considered to be bad is that items fade in value. Splurge purchases produce only momentary joy and are quickly forgotten. So I started to think about those items that never lost their value. Some that are on the list include the shoes that J bought for me. They weren’t too expensive, look wonderful, feel incredibly comfortable, and I have the pleasant memory of receiving a gift from someone I really care about. Every time I put them on I get a little smile on my face. My phone case is another item. I have this awesome purple Ottorbox, which protects my phone like a beast (I haven’t had a phone last more than 1 year, ever…) AND it’s purple AND it matches my purple backpack. I LOVE PURPLE. I get such joy in pointing out how I unintentionally bought a case that perfectly matches my backpack. I have no clue why this makes me so happy but it really does. My Kindle and books– buying books is an investment but I get such joy flipping through them again or sharing them. These are just a few of the items that are on my list. But I’m curious to see what kind of trends there are between the items that I did get tired of vs. the ones I haven’t yet.
  • Good Credit: In the modern economy, having good credit is very important to what types of opportunities are available. I’m grateful that my parents knew this and have been able to guide me as I ‘struck it on my own.’ I’m not sure that I would have been able to figure it out on my own or have had the discipline to pay my bills on time if it wasn’t second nature. And I know I will benefit from this in my future if I decide to buy a house or go to graduate school. So maybe what I’m really grateful for are the opportunities and peace of mind that comes with having good credit.

Exercise AND Meditation/ReflectionI crushed my dad at racquetball today! Okay that’s a mild exaggeration…technically he beat me in all three games BUT I made him earn each one of those points! The old man had to hustle and the games lasted a long while with some good volleys. I even got an intentional kill shot in like so….

I’m dedicating time this weekend to find some local leagues back home. I think what really allowed me to play so well today was my focus. I was focused on the ball and where it was going and how I was going to respond to it. My mind was closed to chatter- it felt very meditative. In addition, I was reaching and swinging, never giving up and not being afraid to hit the ball before the bounce (this increases the pace of the game). I’m actually reminded of some advice that a co-worker gave me about owning the pace of the conversation when someone is being less than pleasant. I also noticed that when people were observing (they were waiting for their court to open up), I became nervous and that translated into my game. So both my mind and body got a good workout today.

Journaling One Positive Experience: The Moms and I were hanging out at Kohl’s (mother-daughter ritual). I had already successfully secured a new belt (mind broke about 1.5 years ago) and some nice ankle boots. So we were warmed up, ready to take on the women’s clothing section. I spotted this awesome black blazer, thinking how great it looked and wondering if I should give blazers another chance. I love the look but I have had bad luck finding one that fits. I fell in love with the cut of this one as soon as I put it on. The Mom’s thought I needed  size bigger, siting the bunchiness in the arms. I replied by simply putting an arm up showing the ease of the movement. She said, “What about both arms.” I smiled, “But why would I ever need to put both of my arms up? I’m not going to be jumping jacks in the blazer.” Well this got a chuckle from the kind gentleman sitting outside the dressing room. We exchanged some words and laughter with him, settled on the right size of the blazer and went off to the next shopping destination- Costco. [Insert Dramatic Music Here]. The Mom’s had finally decided to exchange her Sam’s Club membership for Costco– big move! As we made our way through the produce aisle, who should I run into but the same man from Kohl’s! Serendipity– what were the odds that not only I would have chatted with a guy at Kohl’s but also we traveled to Costco and ran into each other in that giant behemoth of a store.  Check and Check for talking to strangers and the funny moments it can create.

Random Act of Kindness: J and R are more than family…I don’t know what is “more than family” but these guys fall in that bucket. I’ve grown up with them, spent countless Christmases and birthdays with them. They don’t live close by anymore and I miss it. I miss being a party of 6 and always having weekend plans. I miss having a surrogate, ultra cool mom. And the laughter- boy did we laugh! The morning kitchen table routine originally started with J and R. Their support came in the form of unconditional love and laughter. I have always felt safe with them and oh so loved. I’m a lucky gal.


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