Day 20: Unfinished Business

17 Jan

Three Sources of Gratitude AND Exercise:

  • The Moon: I like the moon because I always forget about it. It’s not like the sun, which takes over the sky. The moon is more subtle; gently illuminating  but often hidden from sight due to clouds or birds or air-o-planes. But every time I do lay eyes on it, I’m struck by its beauty and mysticism. The moon gets me thinking about the nether and the great big universe out there. It makes me feel small, in a humble comforting way.
  • Unfinished Business: Today I went climbing for the first time and I think I’m hooked! It was so much fun, both harder and less stressful than I imagined. Things I love: (a) you have to let go of your fear, (b) the course is designed to force you to stretch yourself when you feel like you can’t do it (I have a mindset where I like to feel prepared for success going into a situation which holds me back sometimes), (c) you get used to falling, (d) you can climb with people of all skill sets– unlike many other sports a novice never has to fear that they’re holding back an expert, (e) it’s more than the physical, it’s also a puzzle, and (d) there is always unfinished business. Mine was a yellow course that I just, despite multiple attempts, wasn’t able to conquer….THIS time. But oh I shall be back and it’s going to be glorious!
  • Flexibility: I have a lot of flexibility in my schedule to move things around, arrive late or early to work, and accommodate for the general happenings of life. I love this; I’m fortunate to have this. It is was allows me to stay sane and balanced.

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One Positive Experience: My coworker’s corgi was especially cute today. Full of energy, sticking her tongue out, running away like a rug-rat. Really helped bring some joy to your heart.

Meditation/Reflection: I don’t want to go to much at lengths but I have some big decisions to make and my friend E really helped me think through my thoughts. Sometimes you’re uncomfortable with an idea and can’t really pinpoint why exactly but I think, in the next few weeks, more clarity will come. Just talked it out with a good listener already has made my jumbled up head slightly more organized. I also ended the day by reading some of the Bhagavd-Gita in bed. And this excerpt stuck out

Arming himself with discipline,
seeing everything with an equal eye,he sees the self in all creatures
and all creatures in the self.

He who sees me everywhere
and sees everything in me
will not be lost to me,
and I will not be lost to him.

Conscious Act of Kindness: S was my first real friend when I moved out to this corner of the country. She was kind and open when I most needed it. I owe a lot of my current happiness to the generosity she showed 2.25 years ago.


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