Day 21: The End

17 Jan

Day 21! The last day of the challenge. I’m going to do one more post, reflecting on the experience. But here is the last day 🙂

Three Sources of Gratitude:

  • Surprises: I LOVE surprises. Not just the big ones– like a surprise birthday party (though hint hint fwends, nobody has ever thrown me a surprise b-day party!)– but the little ones. An e-mail from someone unexpected, a sunny day during a week of rain, and mail. Well today I got a package from my mom. Now I know I should have seen it coming (she asked me and my sis for our mailing address two days ago) but I didn’t. So too my delight I came home to priority mail box full of on of my most favorite Indian sweet snacks EVER! It’s so yummy that I’m not even going to say what it is lest you come banging on my door wanting some. My roomie got a piece each because for some weird reason I was feeling generous. I shan’t make that mistake twice. Surprises are the best.
  • Other People’s Patience: I’ve been working on my own patience and while I am grateful when it kicks in, the reality is that part of the reason I can be patience at times is because I remember a moment were the roles were reversed and someone was kind to me.  Like when you’re driving in a new part of town and going super slow because you have no clue if the next street is the one you’re supposed to turn on and the buddy behind you doesn’t get ruffled by it. In the past year especially both strangers and loved ones have put up with my blumbering fool of self. So thank you all for your kind patience (at least to my face!). FYI
  • Votes of Confidence: I am extremely, extremely extremely, extremely grateful to every single person who read even one of my blogs kind of, half-way through. Some of you, for unknown reasons, chose to read multiple blogs AND THEN even message me saying how much you enjoyed it! I’m honored enough to tuck my mild skepticism deep into the closet and just smile in gratitude. I was very shocked and pleased when I started to receive kind words and even inspire a few people to do their own 21 Days of Compassion. The messages really helped keep me going on those sleepy days when I just wanted to be lazy! So thanks for the votes of confidence peeps.

Meditation AND Exercise: I tried something different today– Kundalini Yoga. It was part exercise and part meditation, with a focus on awareness and healing. And i have to say I did feel very calm and present almost the entire time were were there. The “instructor” was more of a guru-like figure and was so very joyful. And what point he told us to shake out our hips and then proceeded to tell us a story about watching a YouTube video on meditation by shaking. That’s it, just shake your body. So he encouraged us all to be silly and just shake. It works; you can’t be upset or thinking about anything but the moment when you’re shaking like a little weirdo.  I want to keep going, maybe once a week, as a way to recenter myself and also continuing to work myself into more structured, focused forms of meditation.

One Positive Experience: Today a co-worker sent me the nicest message! I’m going to relay it for you, Mad Libs style.

Super nice co-workers says: Me and [insert your best friend’s name] told [insert very important alive human’s name] how awesome you were to work with this [insert word or phrase for the end of the word]. [insert capitalized gendered pronoun of very important alive human’s name] said  [repeat gendered pronoun of very important alive human’s name]  knows you’re awesome.

For revised rendition of the complement: “Me and Irene told President Obama how awesome you were to work with this Zombie Apocolypse. He said he knows you’re awesome.”

Conscious Act of Kindness: Mrs. B was my elementary school Librarian. From 2nd through 5th grade, my sis and I would volunteer at the school library once a week. It was the best. I still remember learning the Dewey Decimal to file books away, climbing up into the reading loft to striaghten out the pillows, and my favorite was when I’d graduated enough to be able to use the letter presses and make signs and wall decor for upcomming library events. As a kid I remember the library was this giant vast land of aisles and aisles of books. There were tables to read at, a stage for story time, and even a rocking chair. I have some of the most vivid memories in that library. I loved Tuesdays and hanging with Mrs. B. She was so kind, every Christmas giving us the most wonderful goody bags full of treats. I have yet to track down her contact info, but once I do there is a lovely letter waiting.


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